How to Ruin Hardwood Floors

shutterstock_418293925But, their attractiveness demands discipline and upkeep. Maintenance is not hard, but it may be rather simple to ruin your flooring if appropriate precautions are not taken. Here are a couple things to look out for this may possibly damage your hardwood flooring.


Maintaining your floors clean is always important but cleansing your hardwood floors with an excessive amount of fluid can cause lasting damage. The cellular structure of hardwood responds adversely to water and will eventually result in swelling and rotten floorboards. This becomes an issue if water or other fluids have the opportunity to float under the base of the boards and sit there without having the chance to dry.

If you have to clean with fluids, use a mop which has been thoroughly wrung out or gently mist the floors and dry the planks off fast to make sure that no moisture has permeated to the timber.

Beware of other liquids on your flooring too. Leaks, water from pets and shoes, or clogs could all be readily overlooked. If you see any kind of liquid onto your floors, it is important to clean this up quickly to avoid harm.

Long claws on puppies may result in scratches and gouges in your own floors but cat claws can do a little damage too. A fantastic method to prevent Engineered hardwood flooring is by maintaining your pet’s claws trimmed and incorporating carpeting throughout your house.

Dirt and dust can make a great deal of damage to your floors if allergens have been left in place as long. These substances become quite abrasive through the years and may wind up rubbing the upper layer of your floors. The perfect way to combat possible problems would be to sweep and clean up any openings daily before dirt and dust have a opportunity to accumulate.


Furniture can certainly mark up your flooring. Whether you are minding your furniture or merely sitting down too fast, causing the bit to proceed, furniture legs may scratch your flooring. In case you have any bits directly in your hardwood, it is ideal to add a rug or include upholstery pads to every foot.


High heels might seem great on your toes, but the lasting effect they could leave on your own hardwood flooring is not so pretty. Stilettos can scratch your flooring, or perhaps leave scratches on the planks. It is ideal to wait to place your heels until you are prepared to depart to prevent damaging your flooring.

Follow these suggestions to maintain your hardwood floors looking beautiful for ages. If you have done too much harm or are searching for something fresh. We have tons of hardwood floors services for you to select from!

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